The Love Hate Relationship With The Foam Roller

Over the past decade, the use of self-induced myofacial release techniques have become more popular. One of the most common types is using a foam roller. I educate my patients on the proper use of this great tool many times in my office. If you have not used or purchases one, you should do it today. The practice of self myofacial release at home is becoming more popular and it does help with flexibility and the body’s ability to work with lactic acid from exercise. This makes it a great addition for home treatments and increased clinical outcomes. The routines are usually very simple and easy to understand, and believe me when I say you will find sore and tight muscles. However, in doing so, you will also find the love hate relationship. You will have discomfort in many areas, and that is believed to be from a buildup of lactic acid (the normal results from exercise) in the muscles you are working on. Even though it hurts, it will help. Just make sure that if you create numbness in any part of the body from doing this activity, to roll off the area. If you can’t find a great program, look on youtube or drop us an email and we can get one for you. Remember, as the weather gets warmer, so will your activities! Make this year a better year, and less problems and add this to your normal treatments and active release technique, and enjoy.

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