Optimal sports medicine care requires specialized expertise.

​Sports Chiropractic is concerned with extreme energy expenditure, high-magnitude forces and high velocity motion and the effects those have on bodily function.

The physiology of intense activity differs in significant ways from that of “everyday” functioning. Physical activity generates large variations from “normal” cellular processes, organ function and musculoskeletal operation, both during and after the activity. Some variations are transient, while others are sustained when the activity is repeated over time.

Sports medicine is a unique sub-specialty that focuses on medical issues that arise out of this more intense activity. Because the physiology of athletic movement and exercise differs from normal function, so must the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries resulting from it. The energies, forces and speeds involved in sports competition and training can cause medical problems and injuries not generally observed in low and moderate activities. Sports medicine practitioners, including Board Certified Sports Chiropractors, apply their distinct knowledge and skills to help athletes and exercisers achieve or restore peak physical function.

13 Areas where specialized knowledge is required for optimal care of athletes:

  • Assessment and management of sports related injury and illness
  • Manual medicine techniques for the spine and extremities
  • Clinical applications of exercise and physiology
  • Concussion evaluation and management
  • Pre-participation evaluations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Soft tissue care
  • Analysis of sport specific mechanics
  • Application of tape and braces
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports psychology
  • Clinical measurement of athletic performance
  • Management of physiological responses.
  • CRMA application and use for treatment.

Verbiage used from the American Chiropractic Board of Sports PhysiciansTM(ACBSPTM) brochure.