Repetitive use injuries are all too more common in our society. These injuries are one of the greatest expenses to business and lost time from work. The most common types of these injuries involve overuse and repetitive movements that create damage and soft tissue compensations and imbalances. With the addition of poor postural patterns that cause neck and upper back pain other common injuries are: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), ‘Tennis Elbow’ (really lateral epicondylosis), DeQuervain’s Disease, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, tight hip flexor muscles that cause low back pain.

Treatment applied to the affected injured area(s) aims to correct the faulty joint mechanics and work to restore proper muscle balance. Many times with these injuries, the root problem is not where the most pain is located and that is why Dr. Vanina blends a unique approach to these cases and offers so many advanced treatments to restore joint function, and decrease the strain that is causing your injuries.