When most people think of chiropractors and what they do, the spine and back comes to mind. This is usual and understandable. Although most all chiropractors are only trained to treat spinal conditions, Dr. Vanina has extensive training in the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of sports and extremity injuries Dr. Vanina is one of only two or three chiropractors in area who holds the designation of Diplomate (DACBSP®) of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians®. This training confers the highest level of sports and injury training a chiropractor can receive in the field. Giving advanced training and education in the common injuries and treatment of Extremeity Pain and injuries.

Dr. Vanina treats extremity conditions such as plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, gait abnormalities, knee pain and tracking disorders, hip dysfunction and pain, shoulder joint problems and rotator cuff tears, elbow tendinitis and tendinosis, wrist injuries such as De Quervain’s Disease, hand injuries, and more. Not unlike the spine, your extremity joints can be dysfunctional due to a host of reasons. In addition, sprains/strains are very common. Advanced training in this area of treatment allows the doctor to better identify the cause of the problem and formulate an appropriate care plan. Should diagnostic imaging and/or a referral be necessary, Dr. Vanina works with excellent practitioners in many different fields of medicine and often refers to these doctors. Dr. Vanina understands that all injuries can’t and shouldn’t be treated conservatively, and when that injury is seen in the office, an immediate referral to the top doctors in the area happens.