Most people now know that chiropractic care offers an excellent treatment option for neck and low back pain, be it acute (fresh injury), sub-acute (generally a few weeks after an injury), or chronic (long-lasting or not responding to other forms of care). The reason why chiropractic works so well is because care is geared toward correcting the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction, not just treating it. This means that the results can be significant and long lasting.

Many people resort to drug therapy for neck and low back pain and it is important to remember that pain medications (and muscle relaxants) will not change the joint mechanics and correct the underlying mechanical fault(s) that led to injury. Acute injuries many times lead to chronic injuries if left untreated, even if the pain subsides. This is because degenerative changes take months or even years to do their damage.

Chiropractic care is a viable option for many different conditions. Chiropractors treat most all neck and low back conditions, such as facet imbrication (jamming), disc bulges, disc herniations, post-surgical pain reduction and rehabilitation, whiplash trauma (cervical acceleration/deceleration disorder), muscle strains and ligament sprains, muscle imbalances, loss of cervical lordosis, poor posture, spondylolisthesis, and most everything else.