Individuals involved in accident related situations have a very high potential of joint and soft tissue (muscle and ligament) damage. If not properly treated, the damage will likely lead to degenerative changes in the future. Working with these cases, Dr. Vanina understands that damage to a car has NO link to damage to the passenger of the car. This means that relatively innocuous looking crashes can lead to a lot of passenger damage. In fact, many times injuries are worse when there is little to no damage to a car because the passenger(s) absorb all the energy. As car manufacturers work to make their cars ‘stiffer’ so as to absorb less damage, that energy ends up being transferred into the passengers! This is bad!

With the understanding of how injuries happen in these cases. Dr. Vanina uses scientific proven imaging to make sure that every injury is found and cared for. Many times insurance companies think if there isn’t a broken bone or damaged disc that you are not injured. However that is not the case. Many times ligament damage is not seen on the MRI and there are a total of 11 spinal stabilizing ligaments needed, and if you have just one injured you are at further risk for long standing issues. When CRMA (Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis) is performed we test all 11 ligaments, and if examination shows the possibility of a disc injury which is only 1 of the 11 ligaments for stability. This analyzes all ligaments looking for A sprain, which occurs when the Ligaments Stretch or Tear. When the Spinal Ligaments are damaged they allow the spine to significantly misalign while the spine is being used, which is the #1 Reason why so many people suffer from Back and Neck problems after these type of injuries. Using CRMA helps identify and find the areas of spinal instability in one or more of the 220 stabilizing ligaments.

This test is performed in the office by taking Digital X-rays of the spine and sending them out for a proper reading by a Board Certified Medical Radiologist.

Using this advanced procedure in the office allows Dr. Vanina to more accurately & reliably determine the problem areas of the spine that may have been injured in the accident, Giving him the appropriately information so that he can treat the root causing injury.