A-Lines creating the stability your foot needs.

Most non-traumatic lower body injuries can be traced to poor movement patterns. A-line orthotics will help you improve these patterns and prevent injuries while increasing performance. When you look at the active foot, the most important thing is stability of the joints to help support the foot as it is being used. Many times a rigid orthotic will “build” up the arch, with the assumption that it will create the stability as long as you have the arch supported. However, this is not always the case. Especially with the very active people, A-Lines provide the stability and performance to help the foot and provide the best movement patterns needed to succeed. The system works on the three pressure points the foot needs to function optimally, and once you are fitted with the A-line, you will get the advantage of a true and pure stable foot that helps the knee and hip function. We have seen great improvements with plantar fasciitis , Heel Pain, Knee pain and Hip pain to name a few things that are corrected when you have an unstable foot. The whole body functions optimally when the base is supported correctly, and when the base breaks down, then the body you built will start to have failures. So call today, and see why you need the stability of the A-line.

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